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Lumin-i Advanced Positioning Guide
Lauren Terry

Track status grid showing eye gaze monitor cell. distance indicator, head angle, left and right eye visibility and distance from camera. NOTE Lumin-i camera required for full functionality

Youtube Watcher 2023 Lauren
Lauren Terry

THIS GRIDSET WILL ALLOW ONE CELL SELECTION OF A SPECIFIC YOUTUBE VIDEO. INSTRUCTIONS PAGE INCLUDED FOR SETTING UP. This Youtube gridset allows the user to select a specific video from YouTube and be played using a single selection. No search or...

Ability Drive
Lauren Terry

Gridset created to switch between Grid 3 and Ability Drive.

Voco Chat PCS High Contrast
Lauren Terry

Voco Chat is a low-cell count symbol vocabulary, designed to enable users to communicate for a wide range of reasons. Message pathways, with built-in jumps and carefully selected vocabulary, provide a supported approach to language. The grid set...