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Eye Gaze Settings
Amanda Roberton

Quick access to calibration and dwell settings for eye gaze users

Facebook - Large Cell
Smartbox (NZ)

Accessible app for the world’s most popular social network. Connect with friends and post directly from Grid - including photos and emojis. Keep in touch with friends via Facebook Messenger. Posts, comments and messages can all be read aloud....

Fast Talker dual access edit

This page set is for dual access users that may need to switch between switching and eyegaze independently. Rest gaze and rest switches buttons programmed onto each page.

Super Core Learning
Smartbox (NZ)

The Super Core Learning grids offer a gentle progression to the full Super Core symbol vocabulary, and an opportunity to build confidence with symbol AAC. They include all of the daily and play activity vocabulary from Super Core, alongside a...

WhatsApp - Large Cell
Smartbox (NZ)

The WhatsApp grid set lets you send and receive messages free of charge using Grid 3, including photos, videos, gifs and emojis. Have your messages read aloud, play voice messages, open web links, and view photos and videos. All you need is...

YouTube Large Cell
Smartbox (NZ)

Browse and play millions of videos from YouTube. v3.6