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Three little pigs - create own version ATtherapy - Scanning
Control Bionics Trilogy - Jill

Completed mixed up 3 Little Somethings Story. Based on AT Therapy version

Thumbs Board
FRS Custom Solutions

The Thumbs-Board user file allows users to type quickly into their device using a touch input that is similar to most cell phones. When used on the ComLink ULTRA™, users can hold the device in their hands and easily reach the buttons on the keyboard...

Thunderbird - simplified email routine
Aidis Trust - Tony

The bundle simplifies access to Thunderbird emails, and is designed with switch access in mind. The layout is simple to see and understand, and the operation should remove possible confusion. Enjoy!

Tik Tok
Smartbox Jay

This is designed to use the Windows 10 Tik Tok App - You will need to install the app from the Microsoft Store


Grid for recording digital time.


time for those who explore

Times Table Rock Stars
Dougal Hawes - Smartbox

A simple grid to load the Times Table Rock Stars website and operate the basic controls

Times tables
Smartbox - The Grid 2

A set of grids with the times tables from 1 to 12.


This is a simple symbol based timetable for use with Grid Player. It is controlled via a word list and has 9 available time slots, each of which can be customised.

Claire B 4 and 5

Monday to Friday, add activities to the spaces.

Tim's GRID
Tim Maguire

An all in one communicator for text users with speech, SMS, email and Skype. It also has a web browser, address book, word processor and environment control.

Tim's GRID
Tim Maguire

An all in one communicator for text users with speech, SMS, email and Skype. It also has a web browser, address book, word processor and environment control.

toad on the road
Rebecca Robinson

This grid set was created b ATtherapy. This is to be used with the book Toad on the Road by Stephen Shaskan. As you read the book, play the transport sound effects and ask what vehicle makes that sound? Have fun!

Tobii Keyboard

This keyboard is for use alongside Gaze selection to provide prediction other advanced functions. Please make sure to hide the Grid 2's title bar for full effect.

Toby Manley (1)
Katie McCaughey

Symbol Talker is a complete vocabulary package for someone who wishes to use symbols to talk. It has pages to prompt opinions, as well as pages for School, Home and Therapy use.

Today I'm Feeling
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

A simple grid set to support a user to say how they are feeling that day. Emotions can be easily edited in edit mode by selecting change label and picture from the home tab.

Today I'm Feeling Activation Order

Revised version of the feelings grid, with activation order to guide access and help with scructure

Todays Activities
Emma H - Smartbox

A grid set for a user to see and record the day's activities. This uses Widgit symbols, alterantive symbol versions are available

Todd June 21 Edits
Sue Hart

The Super Core Learning grids offer a gentle progression to the full Super Core symbol vocabulary, and an opportunity to build confidence with symbol AAC. They include all of the daily and play activity vocabulary from Super Core, alongside a...


Tonedawg Craig Hospital

Topic Grids

A topic based vocabulary for beginning AAC users. On each topic grid, users can build simple sentences from one or two selections, using sentence starters and topic words. Grid size is 6x3

Touch frequency keyboard
Smartbox - The Grid 2

This grid has the alphabet for typing, and is designed for touch screen users. The letters are in alphabetical order. The rows have been split so that most of the commonly required letters are on the left hand side, near the prediction cells, to...

Touch screen access 35 cell version

Touch-Screen target practice for Grid Player. Touch targets to see if screen areas are difficult or eeasy to access. Nice and simple concept with 35 cells. More versions to come based upon different vocab packages.

Smartbox - The Grid 2

This is a grid set for typing with the new TouchType writing in The Grid 2.

Toy box
Laith Ritchie

This grid set introduces AAC in a fun way. It allows you to interact with your child or client and see their development i.e eye gaze tracking.