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A simple Symbol card writing activity

David H’s Choices
Martha Palm-Leis

A template grid set to help people to get started with communication choices. There is a yes, no, maybe; chat; opinion; 2 choices; 4 choices; and 6 choices page. It is all done in wordlist for easy editing. Lesson 2.2 on our Website will talk you...

First Words
mark chapman

An engaging and educational resource to help children learn and speak their first words. Students will have fun learning language by seeing the words and symbols, making their choice, hearing the word spoken, and then seeing Amigo the robot model...

Snowman Decorating Activity
Judy King

Decorate your Snowman using Grid 3, choosing from a range of fun, festive decorations. Grid set includes chat page to discuss your creations, and the oportunity to print once complete.

Five little monkeys

Created by ATtherapy to be used with the book 5 little monkeys

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L’s pages
Madeleine Heaton

Super Core 30 has the exact same vocabulary as Super Core 50, and is available for users who need fewer and larger cells on each grid. Words may take more selections to get to, but they will be easier for some users to select. This easy-to-use...

Symbol Talker B

Symbol Talker is a complete vocabulary package for someone who wishes to use symbols to talk. It has pages to prompt opinions, as well as pages for School, Home and Therapy use.

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Et enkelt oppsett for personer med Afasi.

Symbol Talker A
Smartbox Danish

Et emnebaseret ordforråd til begynder ASK-brugere. På hvert emnegrid kan brugerne bygge enkle sætninger fra et eller to valg ved hjælp af sætningsstartere og emneord. Grid størrelse er 6x3

Computer Keyboard
Teresa Condon

In order to beter utiliez ecazability built in to the operating systeom, it is useful to have a computer control keyboard that can make used with grid 3. The speaker icon requires the chrome webreader extension and the grammarly icon requires the...

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