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t stickman
tracey press

The full story of Stickman minus the Christmas parts. This is a Read to Me story where the reader can enjoy the story, pictures and enjoyable sound effects. Format created by Petar Tica

Taartjes fabriek - aanraken
Smartbox Dutch

Wil jij de griezelige Taartjesfabriek bezoeken om een taart te bakken? Kies je basis, glazuur en spookachtige versieringen! Deze grid set helpt je bij het ontwikkelen van vroege keuze maken vaardigheden. Interactief Leren activiteiten zijn...

Taartjes fabriek - aanraken
Smartbox Flemish

Wilt u de gekke taartenfabriek bezoeken om een cake te bakken? Kies uw taartbodem, het glazuur en versier het dan met de gewenste toppings! Deze paginaset helpt om keuzevaardigheden te ontwikkelen. Activiteiten van Interactief Leren zijn ontworpen...

Tabela da Musicoterapeuta

Exemplo de uma tabela de comunicação concebida para a sessão de uma profissional musicoterapeuta. Para cada sessão, a Musicoterapeuta define novas estratégias, com o objetivo de ir ao encontro das necessidades de cada utente.

Tabela de Comunicação Médica - Ucraniano & Português
Smartbox Portuguese

Tabelas para ajudar alguém na comunicação de problemas médicos quando forem ver um médico ou em um hospital.


Cuadrícula para el aprendizaje de las tablas.


Cuadrícula para el aprendizaje de las tablas.

Martin Nadège

Tableau ortho

tableau de com pages

Choix esthétique .CRF lillers


Super Core es un vocabulario núcleo fácil de usar que ayuda a usuarios primerizos de CAA a experimentar con éxito la comunicación con símbolos. ¡Combina un vocabulario núcleo consistente con un lenguaje de un contexto específico, centrándote en las...


Tablet Milenka

Taikasivellin - kosketus
Smartbox Finnish

Select a picture and watch the magic brush create a colourful painting before your eyes! This grid set helps develop early cause and effect skills. Interactive Learning activities are designed to be motivating and fun while teaching key access...

Taikatalo - kosketus
Smartbox Finnish

There’s nobody home but lot’s going on as you explore the Magic House scene. This grid set helps teach cause and effect as well as early language skills. Interactive Learning activities are designed to be motivating and fun while teaching key...

Taike Demo

Grid 3 Taike - koulutus demo

Taike pieni kategoriapohjainen

Kajo Apuvälineet Oy:n toteuttama TAIKE-perheen yleisin taivuttava sisältö. TAIKE hyödyntää DialoQ-taivuttimen ominaisuuksia, jolla yksittäiset sanat muodostavat sujuvan suomenkielisen lauseen. TAIKE sanan ensimmäinen tavu "TAI" tukeekin sanasta...

Tak. Nie
Jagódka K

Tak. Nie

Tak. Nie

Tak. Nie

Talent show

Symbol Talker is a complete vocabulary package for someone who wishes to use symbols to talk. It has pages to prompt opinions, as well as pages for School, Home and Therapy use.

Talk Together for G3 Stage 1 (Widgit)
Smartbox Adam Online Grids

A version of the Grid 2 Talk Together stage 1 grid set. Simplified for the moment, it does not currently include the useful tips pages that are available on each page of the orignial Grid 2 version. The multilevel page sets place the emphasis on...

Barney Hawes - Smartbox

Talkative is a core vocabulary AAC grid set for people who rely on symbols to identify words. Common words are displayed on the front page, with links to a wide vocabulary organised by topic.

Talker 1

Ein für Touchscreen-Benutzer optimiertes Rasterset für Textkommunikation, für eine schnelle und effiziente Nachrichtengenerierung. Wortvorhersage, Gesprächsverlauf, gespeicherte Nachrichten und Sprachaufnahmen. Eine Speicherfunktion ermöglicht es...

Talking Mat
Jess Wright - Smartbox

You can do so much more with Grid 3 Grid set to enable Talking mats to be used by users with alternative access; switch, eye gaze, head pointer, etc. Talking Mats are a fantastic resource for the user to give their opinion on the chosen...

Talking mat adapted by Jo

I adapted this Talking Mats Grid so that a student could use it themselves. Just adjust the wordlist on the option page.