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po modyfikacji

Bake Off 2016
Molly Brittain - SmartBox

Great Brittish Bake Off 2016


Ho male a ...

Basic Colour Keyboard

Large 5x7 colour keyboard with ABC layout and basic functions. Compatible with Grid Player for iPad.

Basic QWERTY Keyboard

For simple communication, the FRS Basic QWERTY Keyboard keeps everything you need on a single page and manages to do so without sacrificing great features. In here you will find a QWERTY keyboard, numbers 0-9, punctuation, word prediction,...


Bavard est un vocabulaire de communication pour les personnes ayant besoin des symboles pour identifier les mots. Les mots courants sont affichés sur la page principale, avec des liens permettant d'accéder à plus de vocabulaire stocké dans des...

Bee Bot (Grid Player version)
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A simple grid bundle which allows a user to instruct a class member how to move the class TTS Bee-Bot. Allow for greater interaction with this activity. This 3 page bundle has a launch button, which can be put into any vocabulary package. A...

Begin here
Inclusive Solutions

An example starter grid set

Begin hier
Inclusive Solutions

'n eenvoudige rooster stel vir jong beginners

Keira Fewtrell -Smartbox

Simple 6 cell Grid set to get someone communicating

Big text
Mr Sir


Bildekommunikasjon til iPad

Dette oppsettet benytter biblioteket Snaps Foto.

Bliss standard plus
Center för kommunikativt och kognitivt stöd

Bliss standard plus är en kombination av Bliss standardkarta och Symbol Talker B. Anpassningen är gjord med tanke på personer som vill kunna använda kopieringsfunktionen för att flytta sina meddelanden till andra appar, SMS, e-post mm....

Bonfire and fireworks night wordlist
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A simple grid for talking about bonfire night. Uses a wordlist so content can be easily edited.

Bonfire Night Word Mat
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

My Bonfire Night Word Mat for Grid Player Picture from

BRADS Gridset

A text communication grid set optimised for touch screen users, for fast and efficient message generation. Incorporating word prediction, chat history, pre-stored phrases and message banking. A memory function allows you to store a phrase with a...

Brook Valley Store

greet say what student did that proved safe worthy ask for candy pick candy say thank you goodbye all done check schedule

Bradstow School

Symbol Talker is a complete vocabulary package for someone who wishes to use symbols to talk. It has pages to prompt opinions, as well as pages for School, Home and Therapy use.

Keira Fewtrell -Smartbox

Simple Gridset for introducing requesting and choosing during an activity

claire frossard

Commencer à parler est un vocabulaire de communication pour les utilisateurs de pictogrammes. Ces grilles fournissent un point de départ structuré pour déveloper un système de communication plus étendu et personnalisé.

Bukkene bruse
Wenche Elsebutangen

Dette oppslaget er laget for at brukeren skal kunne ha ulike replikker i eventyret om bukkene Bruse. Velg et link-felt for å komme inn på de aktuelle replikkene til enten fortelleren, den minste, mellomste eller den største bukken.

Burns Night
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

A simple grid set to communicate about Burns Night. Basic Core vocabulary with words specific to Burns Night. Grid set can be edited and personalised as needed.