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Cet ensemble couvre les besoins les plus urgents pour un patient en service de soins intensifs. il est optimisé pour une commande oculaire.

Raphael Terrier

Cet ensemble couvre les besoins les plus urgents pour un patient en service de soins intensifs. il est optimisé pour une commande oculaire.


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Gustav bundel
Inclusive Solutions

'n eenvoudige rooster stel vir jong beginners

Hablamos del Planeta Pog
BJ Adaptaciones

Basado en el gridset "El Planeta Pog", este paquete de cuadrículas ayuda al aprendizaje de diferentes áreas del lenguaje: léxico, sintaxis, pragmática y fonología. Las actividades de Aprendizaje Interactivo están diseñadas para ser motivadoras y...

cee enric valor

Paquete de cuadrículas para construir frases y trabajar la morfosintaxis.

hair brushed or teeth cleaned choice

hair brushed or teeth cleaned choice

Luca Spagnulo

5 simple pages you can add into Text Talker and personalised for your hair needs. So the next time your at the hairdresser you can make sure they get the message on what you want done with your hair.

Halloween Spooky Soundboard
Smartbox Kat

Spooky sounds for the Halloween system. Simple grid set allows you to select and play simple sounds. Select the cell to play the sound! Sound will automtically stop or select the cell again to stop. There is the added bonus of a 2nd grid...

Halloween Wordlist
Natasha Roberts - Smartbox

One page user with different wordlists for talking about Halloween - updated for Grid 3.

Marlene Edin

Handleliste hvor det er meningen at kategoriene og innholdet kan tilpasses individet som skal ta den i bruk.

Barney Hawes - Smartbox

Activity cards for Harrison's day.




Przykładowy użytkownik programu The Grid 2. Zawiera zestaw plansz do komunikacji, planszę umożliwiającą przeglądanie internetu oraz plansze umożliwiające, na przykład, wybór przedmiotów potrzebnych w szkole czy potraw na śniadanie.

Hello page 1

Hello page

Heute bin ich ...

Ein einfaches Rasterset, das einen Benutzer dabei unterstützt, zu sagen, wie er sich an diesem Tag fühlt. Emotionen können im Bearbeitungsmodus einfach bearbeitet werden, indem man auf der Startseite die Beschriftung und das Bild ändert....

Historia - Fyrvägs alternativ

This grid set is for telling stories. There are four stories, about a king, an old man, a robot and a burglar. You can tell the stories as they are meant to be told, or you can mix them up to make your own crazy story. Original created by:...

Holiday Chat
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

This gridset is designed to allow users to chat about what they did during their holidays and also chat to others about theirs. The word list can be easily edited from the menu bar to change the items available on the first grid. The second grid...

Holiday diary
Natasha Roberts - Smartbox

A diary grid to record what you are getting up to over the half term holidays. Add into a grid set of your choice. Once you have added your news to the chat writing area, head to the diary grid and add it to your day of choice. Perfect for...

Hospital Appointments
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A set of grids to help when you have an appointment with the doctors or at the hospital

I have a pain!

I have a pain

I spy - six describing choices with chat
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A grid for playing the 'I spy' game by describing the object, for users who are not using spelling. Only two selections are needed, to say "I spy with my little eye something that is", and the second to choose either the colour, the describing...

BJ Adaptaciones

Cuadrícula diseñada para identificar emociones, asociándolas a la propia imagen del usuario (debe estar configurada la cámara frontal del comunicador) que se verá como en un espejo, con el pictograma y el vídeo que reproduce el gesto correspondiente...

Interactive Learning Cause & Effect - 4 choices with chat - with rest cells
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A modified version of the Interactive Learning Cause and Effect grids, with four large cells to choose from in each activity, and chat and opinion pages also with just four large cells. An added page also allows users to say if they would like to do...

Interactive Learning for switch access
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A version of the Interactive Learning grids tailored for developing switch access. All activities have the animation cells in a single row across the top of the screen for introducing and developing cell by cell scanning. Cause and Effect Chat pages...