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Hidrex GmbH

Eine Sammlung von Weihnachtsspielen, wie zum Beispiel Gegenstände aussortieren oder Puzzle zusammensetzen.


core words in welsh

welsh keyboard

Symbol Talker is a complete vocabulary package for someone who wishes to use symbols to talk. It has pages to prompt opinions, as well as pages for School, Home and Therapy use.

We're Going on an Egg Hunt - Easter activity story
Hannah Reeves

Based on the lift the flap book 'We're Going on an Egg hunt' by Laura Hughes. Instead of lifting the flaps on each page, the user has to find the Easter egg on the screen - adapted from Smartbox's 'Easter hide and seek' gridset available on...

what belongs
Room 4

Environmental scene

What do you think about Grid Pad

Here is our Grid Pad 12 and Grid Pad 15 survey in a grid set format. Thank you for taking part in this survey. We are always looking for ways to improve Smartbox products and appreciate your honest feedback. We would like to know the things you...

What the Ladybird Heard
Sophie 2017-12-12

What the Ladybird Heard A simple 2 cell cause and effect story/picture book.

What's the time Mr Wolf
Noah Callan

Play What's the time Mr Wolf with a pre-school student who is learning to count up to 10!

Janni Roldsgaard

Emoji layout. Dette layout, er lavet med flere emoji'er end normalt.

Whatsapp - ממשק פשוט
תמיכה דיבור

אפליקציית ווטסאפ נגיש עם ממשק פשוט למשתמשי גריד 3. מבוססת על תוכנת Whatsapp למחשב. לשימוש ביישום יש להוריד תחילה את התוכנה למחשב. בהפעלה הראשונית יש לבצע רישום ראשוני ולאחריו ניתן להשתמש בווטאספ באמצעות תוכנת גריד 3. היישום מאפשר צפיה בתמונות...

Whatsapp 2.0
תמיכה דיבור

היישום Whatsapp 2.0 מאפשר למשתמשי גריד 3 להשתמש בתוכנה Whatsapp ל PC. ניתן לדפדף בין אנשי הקשר, לדפדף בין ההודעות ולשלוח הודעות טקסט ואימוג'י. לצורך שימוש באפליקציה יש להוריד למחשב את התוכנה Whatsapp ל PC ולקשר אותה לטלפון של המשתמש. עבור...

WhatsApp 2.0 pictogrames

Aquest paquet de quadrícules, basat en "control de l'ordinador", està configurat per accedir a l'aplicació WhatsApp per ordinador. S'ha de descarregar l'aplicació prèviament, des d'aquest enllaç: i...

WhatsApp 3.0
Jesper Persson - Picomed

Denna anpassning använder Datorkontroll för att ge tillgång till WhatsApp för PC. Du behöver först ladda ner och installera WhatsApp och sedan länka din telefon med datorn, du behöver altså även WhatsApp på din telefon. PC programvaran hittar ni på...

WhatsApp for WhatsApp Web
Patrick's Shared Grid Set

I have altered the WhatsApp grid to work with the website version of it. Also, I have added a new Emoji grid to it, so when you have written your message, it will go on to the Emoji grid before sending it. With all of my own Computer grids, I...

WhatsApp GR

Το πολύπλεγμα WhatsApp σας επιτρέπει να στέλνετε και να λαμβάνετε μηνύματα χωρίς χρέωση χρησιμοποιώντας το Grid3, συμπεριλαμβανομένων φωτογραφιών, βίντεο, gif και emoji. Ζητήστε την εκφώνηση των μηνυμάτων σας, την αναπαραγωγή των φωνητικών...

WhatsApp Pictos
BJ Adaptaciones

Este paquete de cuadrículas, basado en "control del ordenador", está configurado para acceder a la aplicación WhatsApp para ordenador. Es necesario descargar la aplicación previamente, desde este enlace: y...

WhatsApp Videosamtal
Jesper Persson - Picomed

BETA: Detta är en fösta version av anpassningen WhatsApp Videosamtal.

Where's the Fat Controller Game
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

This game was created by an LSA for a child who absolutely loved Thomas the Tank Engine, inspired by the ‘Where’s Spot?’ lift-the-flap books, where Spot the dog is hiding somewhere and on every page there is a flap to lift up and look for him....

Where's Tumpty

Where's Tumpy by Polly Dunbar

While We Can't Hug by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar
Leigh Wharton

In order to use this grid set you will need to purchase a copy of While We Cant Hug by Eoin Mclaughlin and Polly Dunbar. Symbols to support the book While We Can't by Eoin Mclaughlin and Polly Dunbar. Link to the Eoin Mclaughlin's and Polly...

Whiteboard - Skrivtavla
Jesper Persson - Picomed

Whitboard - Skrivtavla är en anpassning gjord för att styra Windows 10 Appen "Whitboard". Börja med att ladda hem denna via Store på din Windows 10 dator.

Who's the Alien
hayley smith

Story with pictures. Suitable for KS2 children. Grid will read story aloud.

Whose nose - ATtherapy

This grid set was created by ATtherapy. Contact:

Widgit symbol library
Smartbox - The Grid 2

TheWidgit Literacy Symbols arranged in categories for browsing.

Wielkanoc AAC
Filip Szafarz

Zestaw plansz komunikacyjnych i multimedialnych pomagających aktywnie uczestniczyć w sytuacjach związanych ze świętami wielkanocnymi