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Jarní čtení
Lenka Říhová

Kniha obsahuje čtyři jednoduché příběhy s jarní tématikou, které jsou určeny pro rozvoj slovní zásoby, podporu porozumění, jazykových dovedností a čtenářské gramotnosti. 1. Od semínka k rostlině - posloupnost a péče o rostliny 2. Kde je ptáček -...

Noughts and Crosses

Noughts & Crosses or Tic Tac Toe. Simple (easy) challenge game using SmartBox interactive learning module. Usable by switch user, touch and eyegaze (rest cell hidden). Feedback welcome

Youtube Watcher

THIS GRIDSET WILL ALLOW ONE CELL SELECTION OF A SPECIFIC YOUTUBE VIDEO. INSTRUCTIONS PAGE INCLUDED FOR SETTING UP. This Youtube gridset allows the user to select a specific video from YouTube and be played using a single selection. No search or...

Dictionary and Thesaurus
OCTC - Bethany

QWERTY keyboard with word prediction to access an online Dictionary and Thesaurus. (, Questions/Comments/Requests, please contact!



Scuola-attività GAIA

Attività di completamento sui digrammi gi-ge (proposto in classe)

CoreWord™ 20
WinSlate Dashboard

CoreWord™ 20 (v2.0) - A 5x4 grid set with emphasis on core word usage. Allows for spontaneous utterance generation, and utilizes predictive linking to increase efficiency. Supports use of language for multiple functions, including: commenting;...

CoreWord™ 6
WinSlate Dashboard

CoreWord™ 6 (v2.0) - A 3x2 grid set ideal for emergent communicators or those who require larger buttons. Incorporates functional sentence starters (e.g., "I want", "Let's play"). Predictive links encourage fast, independent communication....



Rachels keyboard

A two-hit 12 cell keyboard grid, with large targets and large font. Contains alphabet, numbers, punctuation, prediction cells and two message pages, which the user is able to add/remove messages from. Suitable for eye gaze.

Gaze Control

Grid set to turn on and off Tobii Windows Control from Grid 3.