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My Diary 2021-2023

A secret diary Gridset for 2021/2022/2023, to allow you to write about your day. Choose the month - select 'Add entry' and write your diary entry. Select 'add to diary' and choose the day you wish to add the entry too. Click the entry in the...

Netflix - Large Cell

Watch your favourite Netflix movies and shows with Grid 3. Browse the home page, view by category or use the search tool to find something to watch. Select seasons or episodes, and have the titles and descriptions read aloud. During playback you...

Netflix Template Simple G3
Jay - Test user

Template to access the Netflix website. Simply link to your favourite Netflix shows or films and they will play inside Grid 3. (Requires Microsoft Silverlight installation)


A quick and easy way to create, save and edit documents.

Notes - Large Cell

A quick and easy way to create, save and edit documents. Notes Large Cell has the same features as Notes and is available for people who need larger cells on each grid. It has a frequency-based keyboard that splits letters across two grids, with...

Notes Extractor
Rob Series - Smartbox

Simple two page grid to copy a user's notes into a Wordpad document. The document can then be saved or further edited as required. Easy to modify to use Notepad or Word if required.

Notes For Presentations
Rob Series - Smartbox

A quick and easy way to prepare and read documents when giving presentations. You can read the presentation a paragraph at a time (to allow pauses for applause) or jump between documents and deal with heckelers.

Notes For Presentations
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

An extended version of the Notes accessible app, to link to specific documents in Microsoft word, by using the start program command.

Notes for Switch user - frequency
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

Notes grid set, including Frequency Keyboard. Designed for switch access

Notes voice
Norwood AT

Browse your media libraries and play your favourite music and videos. Updated for easier access via the new Voice control feature within Grid 3. Feel free to edit/adjust and share these apps. I have updated all the accessible apps with...

nowtv MAX
Max 2016-13-12

This grids operate ROKU tv box from NowTV. IMPORTANT!!!! If You have two or more tv boxes ( I have Sky+ HD & NowTV) You nee set as Default You second box in You Grid3 Environment Settings. OR.. If have more then two boxes, You can simply add...

One button music
John G

This is a one-button music player written for a brain injury rehab client. Set the access to scan continuously with unlimited scans and you can then control it with just one switch - press to play, press again to pause.

Outlook 365
Dave Greenwood - Smartbox

A gridset intended for eye gaze and touch users to control Outlook 365 Mail, Calendar and Notes. Capability to control your inbox; read, write and delete emails. Create meetings and appointments in your Outlook calendar. Keep and manage notes too....

Panasonic TV
Peter Palmer

A TV control gridset with a large selection of buttons. The gridset was specifically designed for Panasonic Smart Viera TVs but could be used with any make of TV after learning the codes. For use with a Panasonic TV, you can avoid having to learn...

Patatap soundboard
Dave Greenwood - Smartbox

A fun grid set using the soundboard provided at There are 8 selections of sound sets available. The symbols are just random selections to make the board fun to look at! The web area can be expanded for some funky visuals to go with...

Penny test 2
Penny Thornton

A text based communication system for literate users. Text Talker includes prediction and a ready made bank of instant messages. Text Talker was developed for use with Grid Player and includes a copy to clipboard function for simple integration...

Photo editor - Windows Photos
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

A Grid set to control the free photo editor - Microsoft Photos for Windows 10. This Grid set allows you to view and edit photos stored on your computer, including cropping,...

Photo Slideshow
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A simple slideshow grid set where you can choose between a slideshow of photos in your My Photos folder or photos on a memory stick. Includes a chat page for giving and asking opinions about the photos.

Positioning Guide

****Update**** Built in accuracy test for 6 levels of access 3 levels of eyegaze computer control for Look to Learn and full desktop access Improve existing calibration added under new calibration menu This grid set can be set to launch...

Positioning Guide Fun

This grid set can be set to launch when Grid 3 starts. To do this open Settings > (User Name) > Startup. This is so that a positioning guide is shown when Grid 3 is launched. Alternatively it can just be launched from within Grid Explorer as a...

Questionaire Template
Smartbox Jay

This is a simple questionaiere template. There are instructions on how to edit the questions and answers as well as a summary sheet and the ability to print y our questions and answers. If using this on Grid for iPad you will need to screenshot...

Quick Crosswords Book 1
Rob Series - Smartbox

Have a go at the Guardian newspapers quick crosswords.

Quick Crosswords Book 3
Rob Series - Smartbox

Have a go at the Guardian newspapers quick crosswords.

Quick Crosswords Book 4
Rob Series - Smartbox

Have a go at the Guardian newspapers quick crosswords. 50 crosswords ending August 2019

Really Simple Alexa
Amy Jackson

ATtherapy - Simple Alexa

Rock, Paper, Scissors
Dave Greenwood - Smartbox

Play rock, paper, scissors with just one press! Grid 3 will make a random selection

Karl - Enable Ireland AT

A computer control grid for playing the Google Rubiks Cube Game. You need Google Chrome installed. Configured for pointer access but suitable for Switch or EyeGaze

SB18 Camera App
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

SB18 camera app launcher and controller - this can be used by itself or added into your own vocabulary, it is based on the Fast Talker 2 style. This app will also work on SB10s brought before May 2014 For details on how to adapt this grid to...

School Documents with links to Word Pad
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

A quick and easy way to create, save and edit documents. This version of Grid 3 notes has been adapted for use in the classroom. This grid includes the ability to set subject specific vocabulary, as well as a simple way to communicate with...

Seesaw - The Learning Journey accessible app
Norwood AT

A simple addapted web browser gridset to enable students to access the Seesaw website.