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Abilia Switch - Copy
Abilia Glen Littlechild


ABUHB Learning Grids
Rose Hinnells

Caerphilly Children's Centre Team Learning Grids, based on Super Core Learning (these match the "ABUHB paper-based communication book 40")

ABUHB Paper-Based Communication Book 40
Rose Hinnells

Caerphilly Children's Centre Team paper based communication book adapted from WordPower 60, Super Core 50, and Super Core Learning

ABUHB Paper-Based Communication Book 60
Rose Hinnells

Caerphilly Children's Centre Team paper based communication book adapted from WordPower 60.

Acapela Voice Smileys
Emma H - Smartbox

This grid set displays how you can use punctuation to create sounds and change the way a word or phrase is spoken. Please note not all exclamations and sounds work with all voices, to see more about which work with each voice please visit that...

access youtube

Simple access to millions of YouTube videos. Search results are filtered for safety. Keyword searches can be modified by editing the word list. ABC, QWERTY and Hi Frequency keyboard Grids provided. The access: youtube website is provided...

Access youtube + core
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

Introduce core language along side favourite videos, using links from Access Youtube:

Access youtube + core - Copy

Introduce core language along side favourite videos, using links from Access Youtube:

Accessible app add on
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

Accessible apps add-on to add to symbol communication grid set. With ability to share text constructed using full vocabulary to Text message, Email, Note or Whatsapp, as well as access to inboxes, Youtube, Alexa, basic environmental controls and...

Accessible Kindle for PC Control
Andy Banns

This is an adapted version of Tizzy's (from Smartbox) Kindle computer control grid set, to work with the accessible version of the Kindle PC software. The accessible Kindle software works with existing screen readers and includes keyboard shortcuts...

Accessible Kindle for PC v3.0
Will Wade

Similar to Andy's (and previous to that Tizzy's.. and whoever else..) this gridset is the latest (March 2017) build of the Accessible Kindle for PC. Instructions with a link to download the Kindle for PC is in the grid set. Please note for optimum...

Accessible Manifestos
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

Mencap have called on the main political parties taking part in the general election 2019 on Thursday 12 December to provide easy read versions of their manifestos. Each parties easy read manifesto can be read here. For parties that have not...


Accuracy test for eyegaze, touch and any other pointer!

Ace Remote Support

Accessible grid to launch Ace Centre TeamViewer for remote support. Specific to devices provided to client's by Ace Centre. Web: Tel: 01613580151 Email:

ACETS Fast Talker for iPad
Katie P

A complete solution for literate users. Fast Talker for iPad includes apps for fast text communication, instant messages, message banking, Facebook, Twitter and much more. It also provides resources for Servus Environment Control using the Amazon...

ACETS Fast Talker for iPad - MESSAGE BANKING
ACETS - Grid for iPad

Revised version of Fast Talker for iPad by ACETS Includes: - Message Banking template

Activity Timer - Cheers and Boos
Jay Tuck

A fun countdown timer with added cheer/boo sound effects. Useful for any group activities/sports sessions where eyegaze users may struggle to join in. Use this to time others and cheer along with an activity. Feel free to add in your own...

AD (2)

Symbol Talker is a complete vocabulary package for someone who wishes to use symbols to talk. It has pages to prompt opinions, as well as pages for School, Home and Therapy use.

Adapted Symbol Talker C - final
Jon Rouston

This is an adapted grid from Symbol Talker C. Key changes from the original symbol talker C: Cells are larger making it easier for those who use direct access or eyegaze. Function cells (clear, speak, del word) remain in a consistent location...

adapted timetable

Monday to Friday, add activities to the spaces independantly

Adult cause and effect (2)
Keira Autumn 2020

Cause and efffect grid that may appeal to adults

Advanced puzzles - 18th April
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

Test yourself with a range of puzzles in the Grid 3. Have a go at the Guardian newspapers crossword from the 18th of April, an 'easy' Sudoku, an arrow words puzzle and a word search. Answers are included for all the puzzles on the 'see answers' grid.

Advent Calendar
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

2017 interactive advent calendar. With an assortment of christmas videos, recipes and activites.

Emersons Green Primary School

An advent calendar grid set. A 6x4 grid is used to select the day with all choices available (either by the eye-gaze user or communication partner). Then a 4x3 grid is used to select the day again with only one choice available. Finally, the user...