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Bigger Digger
Barney Hawes - Smartbox

Time to get mucky with some grids to go with the wonderful picture book "Bigger Digger" by Steve Webb and Ben Mantle.

Bill's New Frock
Saffron Murphy AAC

In order to use this Gridset you need to use a copy of the book.

Smartbox Tizzy

This is a simple grid set for users to play along with a game of Bingo in the classroom.

Bingo (1)
Hayley 2019_12_22

This is a simple grid set for users to play along with a game of Bingo in the classroom.

Bingo 1
Keira Fewtrell -Smartbox

This is one of two bingo grids that can be played with another AAC user. The Picture is generated by a 'Random Phrase' command which may give you the same picture again but that means you can use the opportunity for some communcaition!

Bingo 2
Keira Fewtrell -Smartbox

Part 2 of the Bingo game to play wth two AAC users

Emma H - Smartbox

A communication and activity grid set based on the theme of birthdays.

BJ Toybox
Smartbox Tizzy

BJ Toybox grid set, designed to allow you to control switch accessible toys, plugged in to a BJ Toybox.

blank cell scanning with distractor (curseof mr bean)

This gridset was made for someone learning cope with distractions in the selection set. Once the video is playing, the FACILITATOR PAUSES THE VIDEO (grey pause button on screen). The user then can restart it with the grid. The grey cells are for a...

Blank Template for Simple Digital Book for Eye Gaze
Symbols for All

This grid set is a blank template for creating your own accessible digital copies of a paper book for learners with print disabilities. There are commands and grid commands pre-programmed into each page. You will need scanned images of pages in the...


Blind control for 4 blinds


This Grid was made to support visitors to Enable Ireland's Bloom 2017 'No Limits' Garden. It is a guide to the flowers and trees used in the garden with some symbol supported information on each.

Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

Use this Grid to play the popular game - Boggle. Boggle™ is a popular word game for any number of players. Boggle is played with a tray of 16 letter dice, which is shaken to get 16 random letters. In Interactive Grid 3 Boggle™, the computer...

Bonfire and fireworks night wordlist
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A simple grid for talking about bonfire night. Uses a wordlist so content can be easily edited.

Bonfire Night
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

This grid set provides a simple book that shows pictures of different fireworks and introduces some relevant vocabulary. It also includes a chat grid with both core and topic specific vocabulary. All vocabulary can be edited. Ideas on how to...

Book Review
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

A simple gridset to support book review writing. It includes wordlists for opinions, likes/dislikes and recommendations. Wordlists can be easily adapted to personalise comments.

Book template
Jess Wright - Smartbox

Book template for you to make accessible symbolised books in Grid 3 for all access methods. There is a example of Oxford reading Tree, 'Come In' online.

Book template with recorded speech
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

Book template is a simple 14 page cause and effect story/picture book. You can change the picture and recording on the cell to put the picture of the page in your book and a recording of the story.

Bubble board
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

Use this bubble board template to map ideas for topics, either using your own vocabulary or the inbuilt keyboard.

Keira Fewtrell -Smartbox

Simple Gridset for introducing requesting and choosing during an activity

Bug Splat - split screen, larger targets

Modification of Smartbox's Bug Splat with cells to left & right of output window and slightly larger targets in game area based on suggestion by Sammy Randall

Bug Splat - Touch

Splat as many bugs as you can – how many can you get before the time runs out? This grid set challenges you to win! Interactive Learning activities are designed to be motivating and fun while teaching key access skills. The included chat grids...

Alexander Gouvelis 31July2019

Symbol Talker D promotes core vocabulary on the home page. This means you can generate novel sentences very quickly and you only need to visit topic pages to find less common words such as nouns. The smart grammar tools in Grid 3 help you generate...

Burns Night
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

A simple grid set to communicate about Burns Night. Basic Core vocabulary with words specific to Burns Night. Grid set can be edited and personalised as needed.

Cake Factory - split screen, larger targets

Modification of Smartbox's Cake Factory with cells to left & right of output window and with slightly larger tagets in game are based on suggestion from Sammy Randall

Cake Factory - Touch

Do you want to visit the creepy Cake Factory to make a cake? Choose your base, icing and spooky toppings! This grid set helps develop early choice making skills. Interactive Learning activities are designed to be motivating and fun while teaching...

Emma H - Smartbox

Simple calculator page from Fast Talker 3

Mark Rowland 2016-30-11 2019-09-01

This is an old skol looking calculator grid that I have just have created.

Calendar 2016
Hannah Church - Smartbox

A user controlled calendar for 2016. The calendar app for Grid 3 was developed by Jamie Preece, an AAC user living in the UK who uses a joystick to operate his device. Smartbox worked with Jamie to complete the app based on his original idea.