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Accessible Kindle for PC Control
Andy Banns

This is an adapted version of Tizzy's (from Smartbox) Kindle computer control grid set, to work with the accessible version of the Kindle PC software. The accessible Kindle software works with existing screen readers and includes keyboard shortcuts...

check my eyes
Andy Banns

This is an extremely simple grid set that has been created purely to quickly check the postioning of an Eyegaze user in relation to their screen. This can be quite useful if an Eyegaze user moves around a lot or their equipment is repositioned.

Story Builder
Andy Banns

This is a fun and basic grid set for creating a really simple story. Each page on the grid offers choices to build up a fun story.

VOCA Questionnaire
Andy Banns

This is a simple questionnaire grid that has a number of questions that could easily be adapted to suit someone's needs. The grid set currently has 'grid commands' on each page that read the question out so these would need changing if you want to...