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Four Row Single Column (workspace left)
Online Grid Bundles

Grid set up for MyTobii user who can only access four rows in a single column and could manage with workspace on left. Could be used as the basis for other four cell grids. From Zoe Robertson

Fraction Board
Mike Miller

For KS2/3 eye-gazers but tweekable for switch or touch screen users. They allow two mixed numbers/fractions (proper or improper) and a decimal equivalent to be compared in the conventional format prompted by a diagram and set task created by the...

Fractions - Copy
Kaitlin M

This includes fraction activities in the Grid3 software as well as computer control to complete school work in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Adobe. You can access instructions and example worksheets through this link;...

frågor talande mall
Christina Börjesson

Mall: Frågor med tre svarsalternativ vilket rätt svar leder till nästa fråga. Min tanke med upplägget är läsförståelse.

Frekvensbaserat tvåstegs tangetbord med vila ruta, skicka e-post, dokumenthantering
Jesper Persson - Picomed

Ett frekvensbaserat tangentbord med stora tangenter och val i två steg. Sida 1 innehåller de 15 vanligast förekommande bokstäverna i svenskan. Tvåstegsmetoden är ett effektiv skrivsätt för användare som behöver större träffyta. T.ex med...

Frequency split keyboard with rest cells
Adam Waits Smartbox

A large key frequency keyboard based on a 6*4 layout, allowing extremely efficient use for pointer, touch and eye gaze users. Document saving and email sending supported.

frequenzbasierte Tastatur

Eine große frequenzbasierte Tastatur, die Buchstaben auf zwei Rasterseiten aufteilt, wobei die am häufigsten verwendeten Buchstaben zuerst angezeigt werden, und somit einen äußerst effizienten Einsatz für Maus, Touch und Augensteuerung ermöglicht....

Gazeta internetowa
Filip Szafarz

Codzienny przegląd prasy dla użytkowników AAC. Wszelkie uwagi mile widziane:

Gill main user 2018
Gill Russell

Symbol Talker is a complete vocabulary package for someone who wishes to use symbols to talk. It has pages to prompt opinions, as well as pages for School, Home and Therapy use.


En användare för Gmail inuti The Grid 2. För att användaren ska ladda Gmail: Skapa en ruta i "din" användare med kommandona: Gå till: "Gmail" Gå till Webbsida: Logga in på Gmail och spara lösenordet för att det ska laddas...

Going on a bear hunt
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

Grid set that allows a symbol user to write their own version of We're Going on a Bear Hunt. This can then be printed out or saved for future use.

Going on a bear hunt
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

Grid set that allows a symbol user to write their own version of We're Going on a Bear Hunt. This can then be printed out or saved for future use.

Going on a bear hunt for Grid 3
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A version of Gemma's Bear Hunt grid, updated for Grid 3. This grid set allows symbol users to write their own version of We're Going on a Bear Hunt, choosing from up to four options to make a silly story. At the end of the story, you can choose to...

Google Books
Emma - Smartbox

A simple grid set for using Google Books made with the accessible web browser.

Google Chrome etc Functionality
Patrick's Desktop

This Grid Set is for Computer Control only. I acknowledge that not every Grid is brand new but I heavily modified the Word grids to put greater functionality to it. ! I have put the basic, Mouse controls, on nearly all of the Grids. I have...

Grid 3 Games - Adapted to 4 Locations
OCTC - Bethany

Bundle of Grid-created Interactive Learning games, adapted for eye gaze assessment/use. Games are divided into Easy/Medium/Hard, which can be chosen either by a parent/therapist from the Main Page or by the user under "Easy/Medium/Hard Choices"....

Grid Talk - Groups
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A version of Grid Talk where the groups pages each have a keyboard and the catergory can be narrowed down via predicting from the catergories wordlist. Please note it does contain offensive words.

GridPad Go camera app
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

Grid Pad Go camera app launcher and controller - this can be used by itself or added into your own vocabulary, it is based on the Fast Talker 2 style. This app will also work on SB10s brought since May 2014

Hexbug Spider controller
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

Allows a user using a GEWA prog to control a Hexbug Spider when it is set to Channel A

Historia - Fyrvägs alternativ
Jesper Persson - Picomed

This grid set is for telling stories. There are four stories, about a king, an old man, a robot and a burglar. You can tell the stories as they are meant to be told, or you can mix them up to make your own crazy story. Original created by:...

Holiday diary
Natasha Roberts - Smartbox

A diary grid to record what you are getting up to over the half term holidays. Add into a grid set of your choice. Once you have added your news to the chat writing area, head to the diary grid and add it to your day of choice. Perfect for...

Adam Waits Smartbox

For Grid 2 .This Grid set is designed around a background picture of a bedroom. The user has to identify and select items found in the room. Hotspots are created with transparent cells. It makes use of commands that generate a random question...

CRPCCG 2018 - Lisboa

Jogo de correspondência da imagem igual, com 3 ou 4 opções.

Image Search
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A grid bundle set up to do a simple google image search using

Interactive Learning - Big Targets

This a collection of all the Interactive Learning activities for Grid 3 with increased target size.

Interactive Learning Cause & Effect - 4 choices with chat - with rest cells
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A modified version of the Interactive Learning Cause and Effect grids, with four large cells to choose from in each activity, and chat and opinion pages also with just four large cells. An added page also allows users to say if they would like to do...

Introducing Computer Control
Dave Greenwood - Smartbox

Based on an idea from Beit Issie Shapiro School. The grid is set up to just have the click feature, with a symbol that may make more sense to a young user. More information about the idea and reasoning can be found here:...

Introductory Activity 1 - Faces
Online Grid Bundles

This is a 4 x 4 grid to practice eye control. The aim is to put a nose on the face with the cursor. From COGAIN

Introductory Activity 2 - Shopping
Online Grid Bundles

This is an introductory activity to practice eye control. This shopping grid has one active cell to turn the page. From COGAIN.