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Lego Power Functions
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

Allows a user using a GEWA prog to control the LEGO Power functions. This has the actions of the simple remote


Letters and sounds game Select the requested randomised letters, unlock the I spy page to play that game when you get the right letter. See words with those letters. (Ensure to assign a voice.)

Literka B
Filip Szafarz

Które zwierzę ma w nazwie literkę B? kontakt:

Look to Learn - Vollbildsteuerung

Look to Learn - Vollbildsteuerung ermöglicht es dem Benutzer Aktivitäten selbstständig auszuwählen, zu starten und zu beenden. Jetzt mit zusätzlichen Mitteilungs-Seiten. Dieses Rasterset kann nur in Grid 3 genutzt werden. Stellen Sie in den...

Look to Learn controller
Smartbox - The Grid 2

Look to Learn launcher provides an accessible way to load and exit activities from Sensory Software's Look to Learn software.

Look to Learn Controller with Scenes and Sounds
Smartbox Tizzy

Look to Learn launcher provides an accessible way to load and exit activities from Sensory Software's Look to Learn software, this also includes accessing Scenes and Sounds

Look to Learn PL
Filip Szafarz

Obsługa Look to Learn w Grid 3. Życzę miłej zabawy! Uwagi proszę kierować na adres

Look to Learn Starter

Eine einfache Möglichkeit, Look to Learn aus Grid 3 zu starten und zu spielen.

Look to Learn Steuerung mit Scenes and Sounds

Look to Learn Launcher bietet eine bequeme Möglichkeit zum Laden und Beenden von Aktivitäten aus der Software von Sensory Software. Angepasst für Grid 3 von Rob. Stellen Sie in den Eigenschaften der "Augensteuerung" unter "Computersteuerung"...

Look to Learn בהפעלה עצמית
תמיכה דיבור

יישום המאפשר למשתמש להפעיל ולבחור את פעילויות Look to Learn באופן עצמאי. דורש רישיון לפעילויות Look to Learn לצורך הפעלת הפעילויות השונות. מילות מפתח: מיקוד מבט

Lucy's grid
Adam Waits Smartbox

A quick Simon Says game

francesca bianco -

Indica il numero maggiore, minore o uguale a quello dato

maior, menor ou igual 01
CRPCCG 2018 - Lisboa

Atividade para trabalhar o conceito matemático de maior (>) menor (<) e igual (=)

francesca bianco -

Individua l'insieme che contiene più elementi

Matematyczne domino
Filip Szafarz

Liczenie oczek Domina dla użytkowników AAC.

Memória Auditiva
CRPCCG 2018 - Lisboa

Atividade de memória auditiva - Sequência de Palavras: A memória auditiva para material verbal promove o desenvolvimento de competências importantes para a aquisição da Linguagem Oral e da Linguagem Escrita, nomeadamente no que se refere à...

Memória auditiva (palavra)
CRPCCG 2018 - Lisboa

Atividade de memória auditiva (Palavra) - A memória auditiva é essencial para o desenvolvimento e aquisição da Linguagem Oral e da Linguagem Escrita, nomeadamente no que se refere à identificação e compreensão de material verbal oral.

Messages Menu - Compass

This gridset provides alternative categories based on Fast Talker 3 Messages from SmartBox. This can be used as a standalone gridset or imported into any other gridset. Grid names ensure import into gridsets such as Fast Talker 3 won't overwrite...


Talk to your friends on Messenger! Notes: under Login Gridset under Edit Mode there's two big cells ready to be programmed... Here's how you program them. Let's start with the email... Create Cell, Write, and enter your email. Choose Add...

Microsoft Office and Windows
Peter Palmer

A full functionality Grid 3 gridset for use with Microsoft Office and Windows 10 including Microsoft Edge and File Explorer. The gridset has been designed to leave maximum screen space for the applications whilst still providing full access to...

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games
Martin Page

This Grid Set has been created to control the Microsoft Ultimate Word Games app. Unfortunately it is not possible to control all the features of the app, using keyboard shortcuts. So I have included a mouse control button on the grid. You can...

Money Activities
Kaitlin M

Money Matching Activities


Monopoly board game- This is to be played in conjunction with the board game. It is to assist play.

Skye Hope

Skye morning app

Mouse control

This Gridset display's a track status window and set's the mouse control so that it works with games such as Look to Learn. To operate this gridset, simply launch it from Grid Explorer and the Track status will be shown in the top left hand side...

Jesper Persson - Picomed

The Soundbox grid set enables anyone who uses Grid 3 to start making some music. It is made up of three fun activities that can be controlled using any type of alternative access, including touch, switch and eye gaze. The activities are designed...

Filip Szafarz

Album wyświetlający zawartość folderu Moja Muzyka. Kilka wersji w zależności od sposobu obsługi komputera (przyciski, urządzenie obsługujące gałki oczne, mysz, itp) Wszelkie uwagi mile widziane:

My World NO

My World lar brukeren ta kontroll over utstyr og leker. My world kan styres ved hjelp av touch, bryter eller øye styring. My World gir en spennende ny interaktiv læring