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6 Simple Choice + content (2)

Simple vocab gridset with Home page and 2 template pages to copy and re-use. 4-6 vocab choices per page. A total of 3 populated start pages with a total of 16 category pages. Feedback welcome

A que sabe a lua
CRPCCG 2018 - Lisboa

Ler a História "A que sabe a lua?" e Jogo de lembrar, ouvir, compreender e selecionar a resposta, baseado na história.

ABC caixas-AC
CRPCCG 2018 - Lisboa

Teclado de Escrita com Blocos para Acesso pelo Olhar.

ABC caract. acent. varrim
Anabela Caiado

Teclado de Escrita para acesso por varrimento.

ABC caract.acent. da novo
Anabela Caiado

Teclado de Escrita com caracteres acentuados e para acesso com dispositivo apontador.

Adapted Books
Tooba Ahsen

These are a set of grids to go along with the following books - Goodnight Gorilla, The very hungry caterpillar, 5 little monkeys, Chica Chica Boom Boom and Are you my mother?

Adapted Symbol Talker C - final
Jon Rouston

This is an adapted grid from Symbol Talker C. Key changes from the original symbol talker C: Cells are larger making it easier for those who use direct access or eyegaze. Function cells (clear, speak, del word) remain in a consistent location...

Adobe Reader

PDF Reader with Printing. Adobe Reader must be set as the default PDF Reader and a folder called PDF to be created in 'My Documents' where all PDF documents need to be located.


CAMPASAAC Adrian vocabulario núcleo


CAMPASAAC Adrian vocabulario núcleo

Agilis 4x4 PCS
Karolin Schäfer

Einfaches Kinderraster nach dem Motto "UK after GoTalk" mit Themenseiten wie "schnelle Worte", "Kindergarten", "Kleidung", "Spielsachen" etc. Als Einstieg für Kinder geeignet, die zunächst nur einen geringen Vokabularumfang benötigen oder auf große...

Agilis 7x8
Karolin Schäfer

Agilis 7x8. Umfangreiche Symbolkommunikation mit Grammatikfunktion und Wortstrategie: Die Agilis-Strategie ermöglicht eine schnelle und flexible Kommunikation für Kinder und Jugendliche und soll deren kommunikative Möglichkeiten kontinuierlich...

AgilisPro 9x8 türkis

AgilisPro 6x8 türkis PCS-Autogrammatik Symboloberfläche Beta. Agilis Pro. Umfangreiche Symbolkommunikation mit Grammatikfunktion und Wortstrategie als Erweiterung für fortgeschrittene Nutzer von Agilis 7 x 8. Förderung der...

AgilisPro 9x8 rot

AgilisPro 6x8 rot PCS-Autogrammatik Symboloberfläche Agilis Pro. Umfangreiche Symbolkommunikation mit Grammatikfunktion und Wortstrategie als Erweiterung für fortgeschrittene Nutzer von Agilis 7 x 8. Agilis Pro folgt dem bewährten Konzept...

Alan Martin's Basic Bundle
Online Grid Bundles

A basic starter bundle from Alan Martin to get someone up and running quickly. This is a really useful bundle which should enable an older teenager or an adult to get started quickly with The Grid 2. It includes much everyday conversation, useful...

Alimentação saudável
Sílvia Artilheiro Alves

"Somos o que comemos" e como as crianças não nascem ensinadas, esta grelha pretende ser uma das maneiras de as ensinar a comer de uma forma equilibrada e saudável.

alternative pencil

for literacy exploration, based on the "4 blocks" literacy strategy

alternative pencil phoneme keyboard
Daniel Cooper

Grids made for early literacy and playing with sound letter coorespondence. Can be used with eye gaze

alternative pencil ver 2
Daniel Cooper

Improved format of alternative pencil. Says letter names. Additional features of full stop and backspace are hidden above the workspace.