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Delaktig i Ögonblicket

Olika tärningar: En tärning, två tärningar och en färgtärning. OBS: Storleken på på tärningen kan behöva justeras beroende på skärmstorlek. Markera tärningen och klicka på stil --> storlek. Framtagen av Dart Kommunikations- och...

Tayvin's Superpages

Phrase-based vocabulary set designed to increase social interaction and communicative motivation for a young male.

Teclado com símbolos LGP

Teclado com símbolos LGP


Katseohjauksen ja kuvakommunikoinnin aloittelijoille "Kapteeni käskee"-tyylillä. Vaihda kuvia tarpeen mukaan. Kuvat toimivat katseohjauksella ja ylärivin painikkeet kosketuksella.


Tekstipohjainen kommunikaatiosovellus. Sisältää sanaennustustoiminnan ja valmiita lausekirjastoja käytettäväksi esim. pikaviesteinä Tekstikirjoitus on kehitetty käytettäväksi Grid Player:ssä ja siinä on toiminto kirjoitetun tekstin kopioimiseen...

TEST - Tangentbord - Fonem
Jesper Persson - Picomed

Endast som test för bokstavsljud/fonem

Test CVI Košice
Štefan Vida

Test CVI Košice

Testes COVID

Um teclado pronto para imprimir e facilitar o contexto atual da COVID.

Text phrases + keyboard

A grid set used for adults who need a bank of easy to navigate messages and access to a keyboard. Set up text only but have used with symbol and photo support.

Text Talker

A text based communication system for literate users. Text Talker includes prediction and a ready made bank of instant messages. Text Talker was developed for use with Grid Player and includes a copy to clipboard function for simple integration...

Text Talker lite

Text Talker Lite is a reduced version of SmartBox's own Text Talker gridset. There is only one phrase list and links to a qwerty keyboard with predication, numbers and copy removed. Feedback & requests: email

Text Talker NO

Et tekstbasert kommunikasjonsoppsett for. TekstPrat inkluderer prediksjon og ferdige setninger.

Text Talker teclas grandes
Teclado grande

A text communication grid set optimised for touch screen users, for fast and efficient message generation. It has bigger keys than the original Text Talker.

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy
Leigh Wharton

In order to use this grid set you will need to purchase a copy of The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy. Symbols to support the book The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse by Charlie Mackesy Link to the Charlie Mackesy...

The grid game 2019

Game of grid

The Lion Inside
Will Chilton

The Lion Inside Guided Reading

The Misadventures of Martin the Monkey and the Treacherous Trek to the Watering Hole)
Will Chilton

Attached is a journey story involving a troubled monkey (Martin) and primate friends (Gerald the Gibbon and co) and their quest to be reunited with their precious jungle sweets. After their Monkey Meeting was abandoned (due to their jungle sweets...

The Stories of Beatrix Potter

Four BBC sounds stories with communication grids for each story. Stories are: Peter Rabbit, Squirrel Nutkin, The Tailor of Gloucester and Two Bad Mice. Before listening to the story, you will need to sign in to BBC Sounds using your BBC account...

The Very Cranky Bear

This simple book template enables you to add your own text and pictures/photos to create books. It is a simple layout with two buttons. One button reads the text and the second button turns the page.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
Leigh Wharton

In order to use this grid set you will need to purchase a copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Symbols to support the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Link to a Youtube video containing the story.

The Very Noisy House by Julie Rhodes.
Leigh Wharton

In order to use this grid set you will need to purchase a copy of The Very Noisy House by Julie Rhodes. Symbols to support the book, The Very Noisy House by Julie Rhodes. Interactive Picture maker elements by Smartbox Link to a Youtube...

The voice
עפרי אלטמן

לוח בעקבות תוכנית הטלוויזיה

Nicola Trenam

A simple first thesaurus to encourage using alternative words and broadening vocabulary. It was created for an 8 year old boy (year 3 at primary school) to support his emerging writing skills. Feedback welcome to

Three Little BIrds
Dougal Hawes - Smartbox

A lovely grid set for signing this Bob Marley classic!

Tiago grande grille

Bavard est un vocabulaire de communication pour les personnes ayant besoin des symboles pour identifier les mots. Les mots courants sont affichés sur la page principale, avec des liens permettant d'accéder à plus de vocabulaire stocké dans des...

Tierbabys zuordnen

Ein Tier-Paarungs-Spiel. Sas Ziel des Spiels ist es, das Tierbaby dem richtigen Elternteil zuzuordnen.