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6 Simple Choice with photos
Grid Pad 12 - Jay

Tweaked original grid set and added photos Simple vocab gridset with Home page and 2 template pages to copy and re-use. 4-6 vocab choices per page. A total of 3 populated start pages with a total of 16 category pages. Feedback welcome...

6 Simple Choice with photos and Core
Keira Fewtrell 21

Tweaked original grid set and added photos

8 Location
FRS Custom Solutions

A 8 cell density categorical based communication system providing for the fastest message selection for common pragmatically based situations. The category based system also allows for quick customization to incorporate personal information and...

8 Location Junior
FRS Custom Solutions

A 8 cell density categorical based communication system providing for the fastest message selection for common pragmatically based situations including a large selection of school based vocabulary such as classroom quick talk messages and subject...

8 Talk - Widgit symbols
Janet Larcher

This is set of 4x2 grids which allows the user to communicate about a range of everyday events and topics, with a minimal number of selections. The program fills in the additional vocabulary so that what is spoken is usually a normal complete...

8 talk for Grid 3
Smartbox Adam Online Grids

Taken from Janet Larcher's original Grid 2 resource and optimised for Grid 3

8 Talk with simple email & SMS
LifeTec 1

8 Talk grid set modified by Peta Booth (SLP). A two-hit 12 cell keyboard grid, with large targets and large font. Contains alphabet, numbers, punctuation, prediction cells and two message pages, which the user is able to add/remove messages from....

9 Cell Star Talker
Smartbox - The Grid 2

The 9 cell access is helpful to people who work more easily with a small number of cells. For an eye gaze user or a touch screen user, this simply means fewer and larger cells. For a switch user, scanning a grid of 9 cells twice gives access...

9 cell version Star Talker 2
Smartbox Tizzy

The 9 cell access is helpful to people who work more easily with a small number of cells.


A simple social story to support users to understand why visitors to their home will be wearing PPE and who each of the visitors will be. This version has symbolised sentences.

A casa

A minha casa é ? Prof. Rui Alves - AEGX Fundão-Pt

A la selva
Smartbox Catalan

La selva està plena de vida salvatge esperant a ser descoberta. Aquest paquet de quadrícules ajuda a desenvolupar habilitats inicials de causa i efecte. Les activitats d'Aprenentatge Interactives estan dissenyades per ser motivants i divertides,...

A letra em falta

APCM - Associação de Paralisia Cerebral da Madeira

A minha mãe
Anabela Caiado-EXP-UTAAC-2021

Tabela de Comunicação para a História "A Minha Mãe". Criada por Anabela Caiado - 2020 UTAAC/CRPCCG


Desde la Fundación Nemo, hemos creado un Gridset con seis juegos. Jugaremos con colores, sonidos, números, formas, tamaños y buscaremos iguales. Espero lo disfruten. Es compatible con GRID FOR IPAD Modificado para nivel inicial.

A que sabe a lua
CRPCCG 2018 - Lisboa

Ler a História "A que sabe a lua?" e Jogo de lembrar, ouvir, compreender e selecionar a resposta, baseado na história.

A red hot pet
hayley smith

Story with pictures. Suitable for KS2 children. Grid will read story aloud.

A.B. Super Powerful Pageset
Corinn Hower

Phrase-based vocabulary set designed to increase social interaction and communicative motivation for an emergent communicator

AAC HEADS Super Core 30
Daniel Cooper

This is a Super Core 30 activity page that can be intergrated with any Grid 3 gridset. It can be used to particpate in the online game show AAC HEADS. You can play it as a stand alone grid set or bring the pages into an existing gridset. Follow the...

AAC HEADS Super Core 50
Daniel Cooper

This gird set, based on the Super Core 50 ACTIVITIES format has been created and edited with vocabulary often used in the AAC HEADS online game show. The pages of this gridset can brought into an existing gridset. Follow the link to find out more...

francesca bianco -

Scegli l'immagine che inizia con la lettera richiesta



ABC 2 Step Keyboard
Michelle Marques

Two Step Keyboard with phrases

ABC Bilder

Tekstkommunikasjon med prediksjon og symbolstøtte. ABC tastatur med bilder.

ABC caixas-AC
CRPCCG 2018 - Lisboa

Teclado de Escrita com Blocos para Acesso pelo Olhar.

ABC Fast-talker Slidey Keys

This grid set should be used in conjunction with auditory fishing & a custom key guard, to support those with visual & fine motor difficulties. Device Settings: • Auditory highlight • Select on release • Private voice for auditory highlight...

ABC text

Enkel ABC-tavla utan ordprediktion med största möjliga rutor.


Abecedario, nivel inicial.