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Choice Making Template
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A grid set template for making choices, from 2, 4 or 6. Each page uses a word list, so it's quick to edit and add your own choices to the page. Also includes a yes, no, maybe page.

Choice Making Template
Smartbox Jay

A simple 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 choice making grids

Christmas - Letter to Santa
Smartbox Tizzy

This Gridset is designed to support users to write a letter to Santa. It includes phrases and vocabulary for support and a keyboard for free writing. Phrases and Vocabulary are presented in a word list so it can be easily edited. In user mode select...

Christmas adventure Advent calendar
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

This Christmas Advent calendar is a little bit different! Instead of getting a reward each day, there is an ideas grid for festive activities you can do in the run up to Christmas. Each time you complete a Christmas activity, add it to your...

Christmas Chat
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A page for symbol users to chat about all things Christmas. If there are too many symbols on this page, you can remove a column or two, and still have plenty to say! I see Christmas lights! You want make snowman? I want Christmas pudding I...

Christmas Communication Board
Leigh Wharton

Get in the mood for Christmas with this communication board.

Christmas Cookbook
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A symbolised Christmas Cookbook. All my favourite christmas recipes, gingerbread men, cheese stars, mince pies and peppermint creams!

Christmas Cracker Jokes
Smartbox Kat

A brilliantly terrible grid set for cracking christmas jokes yule love! Telling jokes can be a brilliant way for children to develop AAC skills such as the timing of selecting cells and taking turns as well as building confidence from the...

Christmas Cracker Jokes large targets

A brilliantly terrible grid set for cracking christmas jokes yule love! The original was one page. This grid set is 6 pages with larger targets Telling jokes can be a brilliant way for children to develop AAC skills such as the timing of...

Clap for NHS
Saffron Murphy AAC

A grid set to enable AAC users to join the Thursday evening applause.

Clapping and cheering
Melissa. Jane Allan

Because of yesterday's clap for the NHS. It got me thinking about those who could not fully take part. Well now they can with this grid. It is an easy grid to navigate there are two hidden cells one a back button and the other is a blank they are...

Classroom Grids
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

A sample pack of resources for use in the classroom. Visual timetables, star chart and first/then choice grids. All can be edited in edit mode.

Clinic grid

Voco Chat is a low-cell count symbol vocabulary, designed to enable users to communicate for a wide range of reasons. Message pathways, with built-in jumps and carefully selected vocabulary, provide a supported approach to language. The grid set...

Colour Monster

A grid to support the teaching of the colour monster

Communication matters
Sophie Beam eye gaze pro 2018-06-11

If you are going to the communication matters conference, you will want this grid set. I I'm going to it for the first time. So I have made this grid set as quick and easy to get to what you want to say. I've copied some grid pages from vocabulary...

CommuniKate 20 - SymbolStix - Direct Access
Kate Test

CommuniKate 20 is a socially focused 20 location, page set designed exclusively for people who use AAC. It was designed so that it could be easily used in conjunction with a low-tech communication book and as a progression from a book to a dynamic...

Eva Fesser

Compliments gridset

Hannah P

Cooking cheese biscuits

Cooking cheesecake
Hannah P

cheesecake ingredients and equipment needed

Cooking sentences
Amy Jackson

ATtherapy - Cooking Sentences 1

Core Talk
Marion Stanton

A set of pages with core words comprising most of the language we use day to day.