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Rugby six nations - Grid 2
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A small grid set to chat about the six nations for Symbol Talker B

Ryan Kennedy

Symbol Talker is a complete vocabulary package for someone who wishes to use symbols to talk. It has pages to prompt opinions, as well as pages for School, Home and Therapy use.

Save Phrases
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

Add this grid set to your symbolo communciation grid to allow an individual to save their own phrases in to a range of different categories.

Scene Talker

Scene Talker is a Grid designed to allow users to create hot spots on photographs and pictures. How to use: 1 - From the home page create a Jump Cell to a new page. I used a 12x7 grid, but more cells will be useful if you want to focus on some...

Schedule 1
Claire B 4 and 5

Create your own schedule by entering details into the boxes.

School Topic Word Lists
Keira Fewtrell -Smartbox

A template grid set which allows you to add topic words for five topics per school subject. Every subject has some example vocabulary, but is intended to be edited. Core vocabulary can be accessed from every page to allow sentence building. To...

Sensory Christmas
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

Festive gridset to support Sensory Christmas - 12 days of Christmas by Carol Allen. Instructions are included for the educator for the full sensory experience.


Personalised for individual

Shopping List

Basic page that allows a user to select food (top of the page) to add to a shopping list/basket (bottom of the page). Uses word list to achieve this. Populated with food items. Instruction page within gridset. Feed back welcome

Sian communication page

Super Core is an easy-to-use core vocabulary designed to help early AAC users experience success with symbol communication. It combines a consistent core vocabulary with context specific language, focusing on daily routines and play activities to...

Simon Says - people and actions
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A simple symbol grid set for playing Simon Says with 3 pages: the first page has a single cell to say Simon Says (but you could change this to the name of the user if you wanted). The second page has three spaces to add the names of people into the...

Simon Says - Symbol Talker A
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A version of Simon Says in the style of Symbol Talker A, with space to add in some of your own actions. This game is great for modelling and taking it in turns to give instructions, as well as making other people do silly things!

Simon Says Extended - fancy dress singing animal sounds and actions
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A version of one of my favourite AAC activities, Simon Says. This version of Simon Says has four different variations on the game, with options for the user to instruct people to make animal noises, dress up in fancy dress clothes, and sing nursery...

Simple animal matching game
Karen Gregory 2020_02_20

A simple matching game based on the baby animal matching game created by Smartbox

Simple email
Tom Gardener

A symbolised email grid set. The user is able to create new emails step by step and also attach photographs.

Snap + Core First
Dave Greenwood - Smartbox

Launch Tobii Dynavox's Snap + Core First from Grid 3.

Social Stories - Template
Smartbox Jay

A series of templates for Social Stories for Gid 3 and Grid for iPad - Now simplified for ease of use

Solomon may 15
Anna Fontanelli

Symbol Talker is a complete vocabulary package for someone who wishes to use symbols to talk. It has pages to prompt opinions, as well as pages for School, Home and Therapy use.

Sont conna
James Scammell

A game for ........ zombies chiefs of zombie police 👮‍♂️ need your support and help Thankyou


Widgit symbols and photos I got the idea off another online grid and I’ve added to personalise to me

Spooktacular Halloween Jokes
Smartbox Kat

A brilliantly terrible grid set for telling spooktacular halloween jokes! Telling jokes can be a brilliant way for children to develop AAC skills such as the timing of selecting cells and taking turns as well as building confidence from the...

Spring Activities
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

A selection of 4 activities celebrating spring! Spring Sentences, Wordsearch, Spring Poem and Egg Hunt.

Staff Rota 2
Claire B 4 and 5

Enter photos of staff into boxes.

Star Wars
Dougal Hawes - Smartbox

A one page grid set with Star Wars Characters. May the force be with you.

star wars sound effects

A simple 6 cell grid with various key character phrases and sound effects relating to Star Wars. This can be used in social activity with peers or adults

starter grid

Adap PODD 3x4 grid