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Colourful Semantics
Amy Robertson

colourful semantics

Colourful Semantics - dinosaurs, sea creatures
Casey Boleat

Extra colourful semantics- adapted to work with gridplayer

Colourful Semantics (2)
Aimee J

colourful semantics- adapted to work with gridplayer

Colourful Semantics (2)
Marie Burke

Extra colourful semantics- adapted to work with gridplayer

Colourful Semantics SVAOL
Casey Boleat

Colourful semantics SVAOL

Colourful Semantics SVAOL
Aimee English

Colourful semantics SVAOL

Communication matters
Sophie Beam eye gaze pro 2018-06-11

If you are going to the communication matters conference, you will want this grid set. I I'm going to it for the first time. So I have made this grid set as quick and easy to get to what you want to say. I've copied some grid pages from vocabulary...

CommuniKate 20 - SymbolStix - Direct Access
Kate McCallum

CommuniKate 20 is a socially focused 20 location, page set designed exclusively for people who use AAC. It was designed so that it could be easily used in conjunction with a low-tech communication book and as a progression from a book to a dynamic...

Community Room
PALS Preschool

Super Core 30 has the exact same vocabulary as Super Core 50, and is available for users who need fewer and larger cells on each grid. Words may take more selections to get This easy-to-use core vocabulary is designed to help early AAC users...

Computer Control for Look to Learn with chat and workbook
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

A simple computer control grid set which allows an eye gaze user to move the mouse pointer in Look to Learn activities. A settings grid enables a facilitator to check positioning and calibrate the eye gaze camera as well as access to a range of chat...

Hannah P

Cooking cheese biscuits

Cooking cheesecake
Hannah P

cheesecake ingredients and equipment needed

Cooking sentences
Amy Jackson

ATtherapy - Cooking Sentences 1

Core and fringe flip book to print

An editable and printable core and fringe book based on Super Core 30 low tech core board. This has 5 fringe strips that can be flipped over when printed, laminated and bound. First trip is basic needs, second is feelings, third is places, fourth is...

Core board

Core boards made for literate adults or young people. Alphabetised with core words. Pronouns, me mine and I included in this category. Special education needs Core board communication adult communication support SEN S.E.N Autism ASD ASC selective...

Core Talk
Marion Stanton

A set of pages with core words comprising most of the language we use day to day.

Melissa. Jane Allan

Thought I would do this to help. There is empty spaces so you can add anything you want, I Have added a keyboard .

Covid 19
Saffron Murphy AAC

Key vocab and an explanation of Covid 19 for AAC users Made by Saffron Murphy AAC

Covid-19 Comm-board
Alexander Wendt

Communication with non-verbal / visual learners about about the Corona virus. (Design: Alexander Wendt)