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Advanced Switch
Smartbox Tizzy

This is a compact version of the switch user, for people that want a more discreet keyboard with all the funtionality of the full user.

Advent Calendar
Jessica MacRae - Smartbox

2017 interactive advent calendar. With an assortment of christmas videos, recipes and activites.

Emersons Green Primary School

An advent calendar grid set. A 6x4 grid is used to select the day with all choices available (either by the eye-gaze user or communication partner). Then a 4x3 grid is used to select the day again with only one choice available. Finally, the user...

Advent Calendar - Christmas
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

An interactive advent calendar refreshed for 2021. It has an assortment of Christmas videos, recipes, activities, jokes and more. Please note an internet connection is needed for the videos.

AEIOU scanning Layout with prediction
Samantha McNeilly

A complete solution for literate users. Fast Talker 3 includes apps for fast text communication, instant messages, SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter and much more. It also provides resources for Servus Environment Control and full access to windows...

afternoon - Copy
tracey press

Example of how specific youtube videos can be played in Grid 3

AH Animal Videos

Made by NSALS for AH.

AH festival music Grid

Made by NSALS SaLT Assistant for AH

Aladdin Pantomime

sound effects and song clips for Aladdin

Alan Martin's Basic Bundle
Online Grid Bundles

A basic starter bundle from Alan Martin to get someone up and running quickly. This is a really useful bundle which should enable an older teenager or an adult to get started quickly with The Grid 2. It includes much everyday conversation, useful...



Access Technology North

One-hit Gridset to control Amazon Echo. Uses wordlists to easily add favourite commands and music choices. Allows user to modify wordlist choices themselves. Includes link to users communication Gridset for access to standard vocabulary - useful...

Alexa for DL

DL Alexa grid 27.5.24

Alexa learn my voice
Melissa. Jane Allan

It allow your Amazon speaker to learn your young persons electronic voice.

Alexa learn my voice
Harry Danby

It allow your Amazon speaker to learn your young persons electronic voice.

Alexa Translate

Add this grid to your existing grid set and translate your words into any language using your Amazon Alexa device

Alexander's Grid
Alexander Gouvelis Grid3

For users who may be familiar with topic based vocabulary, and able to combine two or more selections, Symbol Talker C gives access to core vocabulary that is relevant to each topic. Smart Grammar also supports users to develop their ability to form...

Claire McMillan

Simple communication Grids for choosing play activities. 4-6 cells except for a number page with more cells

tracey press

Links to Barefoot Books songs on youtube.

Alien Reverberation
Online Grid Bundles

Gary the Alien welcomes you to Alien Reverberation for The Grid 2. Simple cause and effect grid with nice graphics from Andy Clarke. Aliens with sound effects. This grid has been produced to make use of the transparent cell features of the grid...

Alien Reverberation (1)
Jayne Heathcote

Gary the Alien welcomes you to Alien Reverberatiion for The Grid


Russian Language grid for 4 years old (starter level) - select some favourite activities, songs rfom russian cartoons, favourite books)

All about Black History Month
Son - Smartbox

The All About grid sets provide information about  festivals and celebrations from around the world. They allow you to talk all about a topic by using pictures and short sentences. They also include a glossary and a picture album to learn more. You...