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Pokemon Go
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

Grid set to talk about all things Pokemon Go! Includes easy to edit word lists to update with the names of more Pokemon.

John G

Simple four cell grid for playing pontoon

Pragmatic Auditory scanning book
Will Wade

A pragmatically organised auditory scanning book - designed to be linear scanned.

Pragmatic Flip Book

Printable (on A3) communication book with spelling to be used with partner-assisted scanning

Pre AAC grid- simplified - TOUCH
Keira Autumn 2020

TOUCH version- 4 cell interactive grid enabling a child to request an action from an adult ie. ball/ balloon/ tickle/ squeeze (Intensive Interaction)

QWERTY Scanning Keyboard
John G

This is an unusal Gridset, still to be proven, a QWERTY keyboard intended to be used for switch controlled scanning with auditory feedback by a user who is lifelong blind, but has MND and now cannot use a lightwriter keyboard any more. This user is...