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Pancake Day
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

A simple, six cell gridset for making pancakes. Phrases, toppings and actions. All words can be edited to personalise the grid.

Penny test 2
Penny Thornton

A text based communication system for literate users. Text Talker includes prediction and a ready made bank of instant messages. Text Talker was developed for use with Grid Player and includes a copy to clipboard function for simple integration...

Baytree School

Simple grid set for use in school.

Baytree School

Simple grid set for use in school.

Pirate Frank
Charlie Boysan

Symbols for The Treasure of Pirate Frank

Pizza planner
Ruby 2020_08_24

I made this to help people have some control over what they get on their pizza. I did not use wordlists as I only had a few ingredients, but could be expanded to include more exotic toppings.

Pokemon Go
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

Grid set to talk about all things Pokemon Go! Includes easy to edit word lists to update with the names of more Pokemon.

John G

Simple four cell grid for playing pontoon

Pragmatic Flip Book

Printable (on A3) communication book with spelling to be used with partner-assisted scanning

Pre AAC grid- simplified - TOUCH
Keira Autumn 2020

TOUCH version- 4 cell interactive grid enabling a child to request an action from an adult ie. ball/ balloon/ tickle/ squeeze (Intensive Interaction)

Quran Al Kareem

Some of the chapters from The Holy Quran in Standard Font. Full version will be uploaded soon.

QWERTY Scanning Keyboard
John G

This is an unusal Gridset, still to be proven, a QWERTY keyboard intended to be used for switch controlled scanning with auditory feedback by a user who is lifelong blind, but has MND and now cannot use a lightwriter keyboard any more. This user is...