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Claire McMillan

Simple communication Grids for choosing play activities. 4-6 cells except for a number page with more cells

John G

This is an ALL CAPS AEIOU alphabet chart with prediction cells designed for access using switch scanning and audio highlighting.


pppAlphabet scanning pageset. Designed for fully-literate communicators who are utilising 2-switch scanning. This pagset is optimised for row-cell scanning, and features word prediction. Developed by Sebastian Caon, a Speech Pathologist working in...

Alternative access
Keira Smartbox

Grid for the Alternative Access in Grid Training

Ana Jan 2017
Ana W

Ana Jan 2017

Katy Louise Hanna

You can’t take an elephant on the bus book - the animals!

Jill Marchini

Symbol Talker is a complete vocabulary package for someone who wishes to use symbols to talk. It has pages to prompt opinions, as well as pages for School, Home and Therapy use.

April Fools grid set EN

Here is a Symbol Talker grid set in ENGLISH to use on April Fools day. It includes3 different types of jokes, and room for adding your own, as well as basic communication in regards to the joke.

Arthur’s Talker

A topic based vocabulary for beginning AAC users. On each topic grid, users can build simple sentences from one or two selections, using sentence starters and topic words. Grid size is 6x3

AS Story Grid for switches
Eleanor Primary 2017-23-01

adapted version of Story Grid for Switches: this one is set up for auditory scanning for switches.

Assessment - Low Tech Voco Chat Widgit
aac west AX

This is a smaller Voco Chat Child gridset, which has been edited so that it can be printed and used as a low tech communication book. It does not include the full vocabulary, but consists of ~80 pages often used during assessment with a child or...

Bake Off 2016
Molly Brittain - SmartBox

Great Brittish Bake Off 2016

Balloon GLP
Casey Boleat

Balloon Gestalt Language Processor

Basic Colour Keyboard

Large 5x7 colour keyboard with ABC layout and basic functions. Compatible with Grid Player for iPad.

Basic QWERTY Keyboard

For simple communication, the FRS Basic QWERTY Keyboard keeps everything you need on a single page and manages to do so without sacrificing great features. In here you will find a QWERTY keyboard, numbers 0-9, punctuation, word prediction,...

Smartbox Adam Online Grids

A gift from Grid! A grid allowing you to play traditional Battleships

Beans on toast

Beans on toast

Beans on toast

Beans on toast

Beans on toast

Beans on toast

Bear in the big blue house actions
Katie Mill-Gammin

Grid set to encourage V and SV phrases

Bee Bot (Grid Player version)
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A simple grid bundle which allows a user to instruct a class member how to move the class TTS Bee-Bot. Allow for greater interaction with this activity. This 3 page bundle has a launch button, which can be put into any vocabulary package. A...

Keira Smartbox

Simple 6 cell Grid set to get someone communicating

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