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Holiday Chat
Kerry Vacara - Smartbox

This gridset is designed to allow users to chat about what they did during their holidays and also chat to others about theirs. The word list can be easily edited from the menu bar to change the items available on the first grid. The second grid...

Home corner GLP
Casey Boleat

Home corner Gestalt Language Processor

Homophones - Next Step
Amy Robertson

Practice homophones within a sentence. Learner have to use the correct homophone to create a sentence.

HW Scavenger Hunt
Amy Jackson

HW Scavenger Hunt

Identify Kitchen utensils

Help ALN/SEN pupils identify kitchen utensils as part of cooking classes.

In Case of Emergency Card (I.C.E)

In case of emergency grid. Grid does not have a talk/speech function, displays information only. Fill in your details on this grid to communicate with emergency services or with others in an emergency. Education Special Education Schools...

In the Night Garden Actions
Katie Mill-Gammin

Grid set to encourage V and SV phrases

In, On & Under
SALT Jersey

In on and under in a 3 word sentence

Introductory Stage (Eye gaze)
Sarah Betteley

Talk2together - intro stage - Jaime

ipad for Caitlin
Jodie Osborn

Dynamic Screen Starter is a simple communication vocabulary for symbol users. These grids provide a structured starting point for developing a larger, personalised communication system.

IT capacity pages

A topic based vocabulary for beginning AAC users. On each topic grid, users can build simple sentences from one or two selections, using sentence starters and topic words. Grid size is 6x3

Jake test

Ideal Technology Test grid

Jam on toast

Jam on toast

Jam on toast

Jam on toast

Jam on toast

Jam on toast