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Interactive Learning Cause & Effect - 4 choices with chat - with rest cells
Daisy Clay - Smartbox

A modified version of the Interactive Learning Cause and Effect grids, with four large cells to choose from in each activity, and chat and opinion pages also with just four large cells. An added page also allows users to say if they would like to do...

Introducing Computer Control
Dave Greenwood - Smartbox

Based on an idea from Beit Issie Shapiro School. The grid is set up to just have the click feature, with a symbol that may make more sense to a young user. More information about the idea and reasoning can be found here:...

Introductory Activity 1 - Faces
Online Grid Bundles

This is a 4 x 4 grid to practice eye control. The aim is to put a nose on the face with the cursor. From COGAIN

Introductory Activity 2 - Shopping
Online Grid Bundles

This is an introductory activity to practice eye control. This shopping grid has one active cell to turn the page. From COGAIN.

Introductory Activity 3 - Tom
Online Grid Bundles

This grid contains musical and film content for eye control practice. From COGAIN

Introductory pageset (RH)
Sally Featon

This Grid Set was created by ATtherapy This is a bespoke 'getting started' page set for someone to engage with communication who is not quite ready for Supercore learning 12 yet. This has between 4 and 8 cells on a page to choose between;...

Introductory Stage (Eye gaze)
Sarah Betteley

Talk2together - intro stage - Jaime

IXL Maths
Juliann Bergin

A grid set to use with website, a subscription based learning resource. This gridset will launch the IXL website in Chrome, but a facilitator will need to choose the activity.

Jac eye
Jacqui Rogers

Computer Control lets you take control of your computer. Included are on screen keyboard, mouse control and window management tools, along with grids for many popular applications such as Microsoft Word and Windows Messenger.

Patrick's Shared Grid Sets

The JBPB communication grid that I have created this from the initial eyeboard, that Jon Brough, the retired Speech Therapist, at the National Star College, created for the students, like myself to use. This grid is all in-one communicator,...

John G

A grid for assessing suitability for eye gaze. This is a near-replica of a paper based comm, book used by a young client.

Keyboard (frequency vertical)
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

A custom frequency keyboard for somebody using a joystick. Up and Down movement is easier than side to side movement for this user. The most frequent letters are in the centre column where possible. I have also tried to locate the most frequent...

Keyboard Collection
Smartbox Adam Online Grids

A collection of keyboards for different access requirements to support assessment.

Kindle - Dante Nov 2023

Modified access to Kindle for PC desktop program. Gridset cells require editing to specify 'set mouse position' location, this is due to Kindle program accessibility features not working. Feedback welcome

Kindle for Kids
Jess Wright - Smartbox

This grid set is designed to help users navigate the electronic books provided through the free Kindle for PC application. This can be downloaded via Amazon and complements their popular E-Book Reader. books must first be downloaded (pay for, free...

Lego Power Functions
Gemma Hughes - Smartbox

Allows a user using a GEWA prog to control the LEGO Power functions. This has the actions of the simple remote


Letters and sounds game Select the requested randomised letters, unlock the I spy page to play that game when you get the right letter. See words with those letters. (Ensure to assign a voice.)

Look Lab Companion

This grid set lets you jump between Grid and Look Lab, calibrate your camera, check your position, and start talking about the activities. A computer contril grid is also included to allow Grid to control Look Lab (for eye gaze cameras which are...

Look to Learn and Look to Read controller 2022
Keira Smartbox

A simple computer control grid set which allows an eye gaze user to move the mouse pointer in Look to Learn and Look to Read activities. With eye gaze accessible More, stop and something different. A settings grid enables a facilitator to check...

Look to Learn controller
Smartbox - The Grid 2

Look to Learn launcher provides an accessible way to load and exit activities from Sensory Software's Look to Learn software.

Look to Learn Controller with Scenes and Sounds
Smartbox Tizzy

Look to Learn launcher provides an accessible way to load and exit activities from Sensory Software's Look to Learn software, this also includes accessing Scenes and Sounds

Lucy's grid
Smartbox Adam Online Grids

A quick Simon Says game

Michelle Mason

Computer Control grid to access the Mathletics website, often used by schools (Mathletics account needed). 'Chat' button can be linked to communication grid if needed. The 'Submit/Next' button has a command to press the 'ENTER' keyboard key....

Microsoft Office and Windows
Peter Palmer

A full functionality Grid 3 gridset for use with Microsoft Office and Windows 10 including Microsoft Edge and File Explorer. The gridset has been designed to leave maximum screen space for the applications whilst still providing full access to...

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games
Martin Page

This Grid Set has been created to control the Microsoft Ultimate Word Games app. Unfortunately it is not possible to control all the features of the app, using keyboard shortcuts. So I have included a mouse control button on the grid. You can...

Minds Eye - Grid 3

Mind's Eye - Grid 3. (iOS users please search for 'Mind's Eye - Grid for iPad') Mind's Eye is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create images to help you better express what you think and feel. Type a short description of your desired...

Smartbox Adam Online Grids

A gift from Grid! A grid set allowing you to play the classic Windows Minesweeper game.